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RobotDoctor provides products and services that aid in the implementation and maintenance of Adept Technology robot and controller based production systems. These products are designed to enhance the capabilities, ease of use, and reliability of Adept products within your manufacturing environment.

With over 34 years of Adept robot and controls experience, RobotDoctor engineers can assist you with both new and existing applications. We have demonstrated experience in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical and consumer products, and food applications worldwide. RobotDoctor is an Adept Technology certified developer.

Our software products provide solutions for process applications, palletizing, servo performance adjustment, and Adept AIM software enhancements. Our hardware products include control package upgrades for extending the life of you Adept robot or controller based manufacturing system and solid-state disk drive replacements for improved reliability / increased uptime.

RobotDoctor engineers work directly with end-users and system integrators on both new and existing systems. Typical engagements for new applications include system mechanical, controls, and software design and development, and vision lighting / lens selection. For existing applications we are commonly engaged for production optimization, software bug fixes and feature additions, and post end-of-life systemís support, including controller retrofits.

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