AIM Network Backup Utility Software

Developed by RobotDoctor engineers, this standard Adept AIM based utility is designed to simplify the process of backing up your production system’s operating software to a network based file server.


The user merely creates a save set file list of the files to be backed up in a ‘point and click’ environment.

Applications Include:

  • Controllers on company intranet.
  • Remote backup for harsh environments.
  • Automating an often neglected utility.

Easy-to-Use Features:

  • When the save set is processed all the files in the list are copied to the user specified directory on the server in their standard native format.
  • Non-existent directories are automatically created.
  • An unlimited number of save sets can be created.
  • Four commonly used save sets can be assigned to ‘quick buttons’.
  • This utility executes in the background, allowing you to make changes to your cell software and perform your backup with no production down time.

Glenn Helmes

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