High-Accuracy Position System (HPS)

HPS is a calibration method that compensates for the individual machine inaccuracies present in the system as a result of the production differences in each robot. The HPS package consists of 2 parts, the Calibration grid and sensor, and the HPS software that executes during the runtime with the system.


Provides robot position accuracies to +/- 0.002 ď over the mapped grid area when using an Adept Modules system.

Applications Include:

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  • CAD data translation applications that require accuracies.
  • Vision guidance applications over larger work areas of the robot.
  • High-accuracy pick and place applications.

Easy-to-Use Features:

  • Graphical training of pallet patterns from the AIM software.
  • Full implementation in Adeptís AIM Software.
  • The mapping software provides data to determine the actual accuracy capability.
  • The user can specify the actual mapping area that is used.
  • The mapping software uses Adeptís position latches during the mapping process for enhancing the mapping speed.

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