AIM PalletWare -- Robotic Palletizing Software

A fully integrated software package designed for use with Adept robots and motion control products. Requires Adept AIM version 3.3 software and licenses.


Provides graphical user interface to program case packing patterns with Adept AIM software.

Applications Include:

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  • Automated palletizing of cases.
  • Automated de-palletizing of cases.
  • Other robot transfer applications.

Easy-to-Use Features:

  • Graphical training of pallet patterns from the AIM software.
  • Handling of mirror image of pallets for both sides of the robot.
  • Automatically handling clearances heights during pack out.
  • Slip sheet handling during teaching of pallet patterns.
  • Handling of multiple gripper pick-up zones and tooling.

Glenn Helmes

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